DIGITELig was established in 2000 with two ends in view:
  • One the one hand, to guarantee the quality of Telecommunications Operator services and of other sector players: equipment suppliers, installers...
  • On the other hand, to help companies implement growth strategies based on new technologies.
In all the projects we co-operate, we provide top quality human and technical resources as part of our commitment to continuous improvement and maximum efficiency.

Customer satisfaction is an essential and absolutely necessary requirement for DIGITELig and, with this in view, we seek a level of excellence in our work that enables us to fully achieve all the commitments we undertake.

Throughout our career, every project we have undertaken has consolidated our position in the market. The reasons for this are:
  • Co-responsibility with the objectives of our customers.
  • Professional skills and solvency at all levels of the Organization.
  • A management team committed to general company and customer objectives.
  • Our commitment to Quality, Safety and data protection.
DIGITELig offers its services based on four defining features: long-term Partnership vocation, Customer-orientation, development and improvement of our skills, speedy adaptation to changes in the New Economy.


We believe that a satisfactory relationship with our customers must be based on mutual trust; but trust has to be won and, above all, kept throughout time by close co-operation and by acknowledging that initial trust on a daily basis.


Thanks to the above-mentioned co-operation with Customers, we become familiar with them and are capable of offering more suitable solutions to their requirements.


For any company belonging to this sector, continuous improvement is an essential requirement. We apply this idea at all business levels.
  • Infrastructure
  • Human and Technical Resources
  • Organisation and Training Systems


In the Telecommunications Sector, where today's systems become obsolete very quickly, companies require from us, and we provide, flexibility, dynamism and efficiency

Our reliability is based on the following data:
  • Established year: 2000
  • Business Focus: Providing voice and data turn-key services to the telecommunications industry. Our service offering includes: network engineering and implementation, project management, process analysis and optimization, operation and maintenance, cots optimization, etc.
  • Target Market: Operators , Vendors , Government.
  • Headquarters: Madrid (Spain).
  • Employees: 90 employees, permanent offices in Spain.
  • 2014 Turnover : Eu. 4,3 million.


DIGITELig has defined a Quality Policy in which the principles that guide our Organization in relation to quality, customer relations and finding satisfaction are reflected.

DIGITELig activities are framed the value chain of the telecommunications sector. Identifying Telecommunications Consulting through the assignment of professionals to client and project management and Telecommunications consulting, as the main functions within the sector.

Specifically our company wants to be leader in the management of services in the field of deployment of engineering, construction, operation and maintenance of fixed and mobile networks. Our customers rely on DIGITELig for the development of high value-added activities, reason by which the Quality Management and the results obtained, it is our fundamental reference. Therefore, the DIGITELig General Directorate has decided to establish this Quality Policy. The system of quality management of the company is the main tool we have to achieve these objectives, helping to determine and fulfill the requirements of our customers, as well as legal and regulatory requirements and continue improving the performance of our business processes.

The general principles on which the system of quality management of DIGITELig is based are:
  • To know Customer expectations and guide the processes of DIGITELig to its compliance and thereby achieve client satisfaction.
  • Identify other requirements needed to the service provided and ensure compliance.
  • Promote the culture of continuous improvement in business processes and thus on the services we provide to our customers.
  • Ensure the participation of all staff in the improvement of the organization through teamwork and improved performance.
In July 2015 DIGITELig obtains the certificate of conformity No. 9955-E, through the Management Systems Certifying Entity (ISO 9000 and ISO 14000) EUROPEAN QUALITY ASSURANCE SPAIN, SL, which certifies that the Quality Management System adopted by the organization Digitel Ingeniería de Gestión S.L. complies with the requirements of the UNE - EN - ISO 9001: 2008. The Quality Management System applies to the following areas: " Telecommunications Consultancy through the assignment of professionals to client installations" and "Telecommunications project management and consulting".